Recipe: Semi Homemade Pizza







I planned on making fresh pizza dough but SOMEONE didn’t wash dishes like he was suppose to *cough teenagers cough*  So I grabbed some refrigerated pizza dough and went ahead as planned.  Pepperoni with fresh basil on one side and roma tomatoes, fresh basil and garlic on the other!


Quick Semi Homemade Pizza

*2 cans of refrigerated pizza dough

*jar of plain pasta sauce

*minced garlic

*fresh basil

*roma tomatoes

*2 packages of shredded Italian cheese


1.  Pop open the pizza dough and roll out onto a cookie sheet.  I always line mine with sil-pads to prevent sticking (obviously mine are well loved and used often!).  I follow the directions on the packs but pre-cook the dough for half the cook time so the crust is crispy and not soggy.

2. While the dough is pre-cooking cut up some roma tomatoes and fresh basil.  I am going to post a YouTube video on the best way to cut fresh basil- it will seriously make your life sooo much easier!)

3. Once the dough is pre-cooked spread a layer of pasta sauce over the top.  I added a spoonful of pre-minced garlic to one and spread that around to mix it together.

4. I used an entire package of shredded cheese on top of each pizza.  Then I topped the pizzas with their toppings and finished baking.

5.  Cool the pizza after cooking for about 5 minutes so the cheese doesn’t slid off the slices when you cut and enjoy!  Kid and hubby approved!


2014-05-10 17.39.01

2014-05-10 18.08.00


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