Recipe: Happy Cinco de Mayo Tacos

Yes, I know Cinco de Mayo is kind of an inflated holiday most Latin people do not celebrate but I love tacos!  I have been a little MIA lately because I threw out my back a little over a week ago and been trying to nurse that injury.  On Friday when I went shopping I bought two 6- pack single serve Cokes (I use these when I have a headache or my blood sugar drops!) for $2.99 a piece and got $4 off a rotisserie chicken at the deli.  Here is my super quick and easy “make 2” dinners.  I was also able to prep for other meals by only using a portion of what I was prepping which helps when you are in a rush or not feeling well for those families on the go or who battle chronic conditions.


Pulled Chicken Tacos

*1 deli rotisserie chicken (or roast your own!)

*head of lettuce

*packet of Taco seasoning

*shell of choice (we have soft flour tortillas, crunchy tacos and tosada flats!)

*quarter of large onion


*shredded cheese

*sour cream

*black beans

*canned corn


1. After the chicken cools down so you can pull the meat off without burning yourself (don’t wait too long or the skin will become a little hard to remove) I have found putting the whole chicken in a large, shallow serving tray helps keep this less mess.  Remove the skin- you won’t need it here.  I admit we just eat it…  Chicken skin is like my favorite part!  Bad for you I know but… eat it or throw it away (inconceivable!).  Start by ripping off the wings and legs and work the smaller pieces first.  Don’t really worry about the size of the chunks you just want to get as much meat as possible off the carcass.

2. Divide the meat into 2 equal portions (one for tacos and one for alfredo another night).  Take the head of lettuce and shred with a knife and do the same thing by dividing it in half and putting one half to the side (salad for with the alfredo).  Dice the onion.  I only had a half of an onion left so I diced it, used half and saved half.

3. Using 2 forks shredded the chicken into a “pulled meat” texture.  Add to a skillet.  Also add the onion and the taco seasoning as prepared on the package directions.  Cook at least until the onions are translucent.

4. Heat up the black beans and corn.

5.  Assemble your pulled chicken tacos!  Serve with margaritas.  Or if you are like me you don’t keep that stuff on hand and just have some cheap Sutter Homes Cranberry Lime Twist wine.  Whatever works for you!