Things I Have Learned From My Social Media Experiences

I am a stay at home mom so I have lots of time to hang out on the internet.  I recently had some serious issues with members of a particular Facebook group (we all know each other in real life as well) and after making some adjustments to how I handle some things my life is MUCH more peaceful!  Just some things I have learned:

Keep your status updates and profile on Facebook PRIVATE.  You never know when and where they will be taken out of context and used against you.  Like for example, in court!

Refrain from posting too much personal information in your status updates.  I’m guilty of this in the past.  While saying your ex is a jerk is one thing getting into a flame war with his sister-in-law is something completely different….

Groups and forums are an awesome way to get advice, support and make friends.  It’s also a great source of unnecessary drama and stress.  Some suggestions:

  • If someone says something you don’t like, ignore it.  If they do it again, block them.  If they attack you, report to admin & block.  If you find yourself more stressed out from reading a particular groups post, unsubscribe.
  • We are all different and no one is perfect.  Going around and being a grammar nazi is super annoying and just going to cause problems.  Don’t criticize people for their opinions and choices.  It just reflects poorly on you.
  • Medical issues can be frustrating and connecting with others that have similar issues can be amazing.  Please don’t offer medical advice.  Most of us are not doctors.  Simply state “this is what I have tried and what happened” not “stop taking that medication and do this/take that”.

Don’t upload or post if you have had a drink or taken drugs (I’m talking about like pain killers and things like that!  I do not advocate illicit drug use! But don’t post about that stuff either!).  After taking a muscle relaxer, pain killer or had a glass or two of wine with dinner I have been a little surprised at what I have found the next day!

Know your kids passwords.  Set parental settings if necessary.  Don’t be afraid to put your foot down!  I recently requested my kids stop hanging out with a friend of theirs who was very foul mouthed and teaching the boys how to look up inappropriate things on the internet.  I’m happy to report the use of the term “teabagging” has stopped….

Be kind.  The world is already full of hate. Pick and choose your battles.

Do not engage in a flame war or indulge trolls.  Just laugh at their pathetic attempts for attention and go look at cute critters on Pintrest or Reddit!

Go look at cute critters on Pintrest and Reddit.  Especially cats!

Enjoy this little kitty slideshow!

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