Money: Ibotta, Checkout 51 and Cartwheel Reviews

Thanks to Pintrest I found out about about the smartphone apps Ibotta, Checkout 51 and Target’s Cartwheel.  While you shouldn’t expect to become rich using these you can definitely add up the “chump change” for everything from cash to Starbucks frappachinos!



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This is my LEAST favorite and my MOST favorite of the 3 which is unfortunate because they offer the most rebates.  If they would update their imaging software it would be AMAZING.  The application itself works ok except you have to purchases EXACTLY the amount/type/number listed.  I have a large family and purchased the double pack of eggs.  You have to scan each item for the rebate you are trying to receive so when I scanned my eggs the app told me that it wasn’t a match according to the UPC.  The worst aspect of this app is the image capture for the receipt.  It’s HORRID.  Hold the camera flat, no flatter, now try to focus by taping AND take the photo.  When you have 12 sections to add this takes too much time and patience.  Why Ibotta?  Why?!  Checkout 51 has WAY superior image capturing software (more on that later).  Sign up HERE.


*LOTS of various rebates  from $0.25 up to a few dollars!

*Offers are sorted by store.

*Clean graphics.

* Hook up directly to your PayPal account for cash directly deposited!

*$5 for each person you refer!  (That person has to actually submit a rebate before you get credit!)


*Image capturing system is stuck back in 2002.  Remember those cruddy cheap digital cameras (like those little kids Barbie and Star Wars camera in the toy aisle!)?  It’s about that quality and just as frustrating to get to work properly.

*While I understand why they would want you to scan the item- it can turn into a pain.  One time we finished off a bag of PopChips before I submitted my rebates and I set the bag off to the side so I could do it in the morning.  Of course someone else in the house picked that particular time to actually throw something away!  So I missed out on the PopChips rebate because I had nothing to scan even though I had my receipt!


Checkout 51


This receipt capturing software is awesome!  It auto-focuses beautifully and I get a clean, crisp image the first time every time!  There are a few drawbacks though.  Sign up HERE.


*Really easy to submit your receipt- software works flawlessly.

*After you scan your receipt you can use a check list to chose which items you are looking to receive the rebate for- do UPC scanning required.

*Offers rebates on general items mostly like milk, eggs, and bananas where the brand doesn’t matter.


*Only has one very small list- about 10-15 items per week usually.

*Upload your rebates IMMEDIATELY on the day you purchase them.  I just lost out because I went shopping on July 1st but its auto-resets every Thursday AM.

*No referral program.


Target’s Cartwheel


Target has come a long way in the last 10 years!  Lots of extreme couponers LOVE the deals at Target and part of it is this app right here.  Sign up HERE.


*Includes discounts from everything from food to clothes!


*Usually displays the discount in percentages which is kind of annoying.

*You can only have a certain number of offers saved to your account- mine is currently 16 offers.