Summer: Free/Cheap Family Movies

The previous few years the movies have been free but times are getting really tough all around and now they are $1 a person.  Thanks economy!  While still about 70-90% cheaper than traditional movie tickets this is still a great deal and an awesome motivator (if you behave this week then we can go to the movies!).  A quick Google search should provide you with your local info.  For our area its the Werenberg Cinema, home of the extremely creepy whispers!  If you are unfamiliar watch this YouTube clip and listen for it!

Today we saw The Lego Movie and everyone had a great time.  Seriously one of the best family movies I have seen in a really long time but make sure to bring some tissues for those tears that sneak out at the end!



Some tips I have found along the way with kids and movies:

*Don’t go at nap time- you are ASKING for trouble!

*Bring coats, esp if you or your little one usually get chilly in movies.

*We brought a small blanket today and that worked out great for the little one to snuggle up in when she got cold.

*Bring sippy cups to minimize spills.

*Ask for some extra popcorn bags to divide up a large tub of popcorn and water cups to split up drinks or simply just drink water and save more money!

*Get there early esp if you want to find seats together!